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Mrs. Tricia Melloy, RN/BSN

Mrs. Jenny, RN

Contact Info

Phone Number: (215) 400-3190 ext. #2260 & 2261

Fax Number: (215) 400-3191

Office Hours

8:15-10:30 Screenings and Emergencies Only

10:30-1:15 Open Office Hours

1:15-1:45 Lunch

1:45-3:15 Documentation, Screenings, and Emergencies Only

Medical Form Links

Below you will find forms required by The School District of Philadelphia. These immunization requirements are also listed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school at (215) 400-3190 ext. #3

Request for Administration of Medicine from Doctor 

Doctor Physical Form || MEH1

Dental Exam Form

Child’s Health Conditions || S-865

Immunization Requirements

Health Centers

Health Center 10 is the closest to Castor Garden Middle School

2230 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149

(215) 685-0639

Does your child have a health condition we need to know about?

As the school nurse, I would like to know about your child’s health condition, so I can help you and your child have a successful school year. Please complete the form (Child’s Health Conditions, S-865[link included here]) and return it to the nurse as soon as possible.

Does your child need medication during school?

If your child requires medication in school, please download the form here or send your child to the nurse to collect one to be completed by your child’s doctor. For everyone’s safety, student’s ARE NOT permitted to bring any medications into school without written permission from the parent, doctor, and the approval of the school nurse. This includes asthma inhalers and over the counter medications.

For health problems that may require medication administration in school, the required form (Request for Administration of Medicine from Doctor[link here]) is required and MUST BE COMPLETED AND STAMPED BY A DOCTOR.

Physical Examination Form

The State of Pennsylvania and the School District of Philadelphia require all students entering 6th grade have a physical examination by their doctor.

Please have the form (MEH1[LINK]) completed by your child’s doctor and return it to the School Nurse. Please be sure ALL portions of the form are completed and attach an updated immunization (shot) record.

Dental Examination Form

Required upon entry to 7th grade. (Dental Exam Form[LINK])

Immunization Calendar

Please see the requirement by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. State law requires all children entering school meet specific (Immunization Requirements[Link]). If the requirement is not met, your child may be excluded from school until the requirement is met.

If you have any question please contact the school nurse at (215) 400-3190 ext. #3.