Uniform Policy

School District of Philadelphia Dress Code Policy
All students are expected to follow his or her school’s dress code and dress in a manner of

appearance that would not cause a disturbance, distract or interfere with the instructional program,

or constitute a health or safety hazard. Student uniforms should fit appropriately to his/her body.

The principal of each school shall make the final decision as to what is considered proper or

improper attire.

Principals may declare spirit or club days and allow students to wear school spirit shirts,

or dress-up days (i.e., when school pictures are scheduled) or allow students to wear other dress code attire such as uniforms or special dress for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, athletes, cheerleaders,

band, or chorus. Nothing in this Code of Conduct shall restrict or ban a student’s wearing of religious garb.

Parents with concerns regarding religious dress are encouraged to discuss them with the principal.

Castor Gardens Middle School’s uniform:
Shirt: Solid navy collared golf shirt, the official Castor Gardens t-shirt or official Castor Gardens sweatshirt. (T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold in the morning at the main office.)
Pants: Uniform-style, Tan/khaki with belt loops. Pants or shorts must fit at
the waist and must be free from frays and holes. Shirts MUST be tucked

in at the waist; belts must be worn at all times with pants and shorts, and

must be visible at the waist. Shorts may be worn in warmer weather. No Ripped Jeans

Appropriate Length: Pants, shorts, and skirts that measure (front and back) no shorter than three inches above the knee. Skirts, jumpers, and dresses must measure no shorter than three inches above the knee.
Shoes: Students must wear closed toe shoes or sneakers to school. No sandals, slippers, or flip
flops will be permitted to be worn by students (unless approved by administration

for special events).

Coats: Heavy coats and jackets MAY ONLY be worn to and from school and/or outdoors and be kept in student lockers throughout the day.
ALTERNATIVE UNIFORM OPTION:  In addition to the solid navy blue polo
shirt, there is now an official Castor Gardens Middle School polo shirt, Castor Gardens Middle School T-shirt, and Castor Gardens Middle School sweatshirt available for purchase in the main office all school year. These additional options and any other professionally made Castor Gardens shirts that have been provided by the school will be considered an official uniform. Student made shirts or anything not mentioned above will NOT be considered uniform.

HOODIES:  Students will be able to purchase a Castor Gardens hoodie that can be worn in the school building beginning October 1st, 2022 until May 29, 2023. No other hoodie will be permitted to be worn in the building. Parents who wish for their child to wear the Castor Gardens hoodie will be required to sign a contract.
Jewelry MUST be limited and administration reserves the right to maintain the
final decision as to what is considered proper or improper.

HATS are to be kept in a student’s locker or book bag and ARE NOT to be worn or hung from belts throughout the day.

Physical Education – Preparation for Class Activities

All pupils are scheduled for and required to participate in Physical Education activities. Appropriate and functional attire is necessary. Students are expected to wear their PE uniform to school on their assigned PE day. Wearing the PE uniform will be considered the “designated” school uniform ONLY if the student is scheduled that day for gym. For this activity, we require the following clothing to meet the needs of personal cleanliness and maximum safety:

All-purpose gray athletic shorts or sweat pants and a separate
navy blue T- shirt or the school T-shirt may be worn only on P.E. class days. (Exceptions: 1. Students with medical conditions (Note from a doctor required.) 2. Religious beliefs that require Religious attire.)

Athletic shoes that are designed for activity (sneakers).
No jewelry is to be worn during class in order to provide safety for the student and the rest of the class.

Hoodie Policy